This Past Month

This past month has been a collection of highs and lows. It has been difficult, at times, to keep my anxiety in check. Sometimes, I’m even get to my breaking point. The only thing that has kept me in check is the person that I love. She has caused some anxiety (I cannot lie), but she has relieved so much more anxiety than she has caused. From personal to business anxiety, she helps keep me focused. She, too, has gone through her own anxiety.

This past week has been full of interesting events. There are always issues we are unaware of. People have their own agendas; some are virtuous, some are devious. Sometimes, things aren’t what they seem. Sometimes, things are exactly what they seem but are hidden behind many layers of deception. It’s hard to determine what is truth and what it deception. It happens with personal relationship and the government.

What’s the point here? I love my girlfriend. I’m here for her even when others project their disapproval like it was an outdoor movie theater. Today, she told me that she didn’t know what she’d do without me and to not downplay my importance. To me, I’m just being me; a supportive partner. I’m not doing anything special, only what everyone should be doing. That being said, after spending time with her family, I understand her way more than I could ever have in the past. I loved and accepted her as she was, but this allowed me to see and understand her much better. To me, this increases my love for her.

We have had arguments that have made us question ourselves, but we always discuss our points of view and grow as a couple. No one is perfect. No one our age is without trauma. It’s all about listening, understanding, accepting the other person as well as ourselves. Accepting ourselves is the toughest part in our relationship. We always put ourselves through more critical bullshit than we should.

In the end, I love her. She loves me. As long as we remain respectful, that’s all we need.


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