Today Was Exhausting

I cannot describe how exhausting today was. The arraignment hearing was today; another one is Thursday. I broke down more times than I can count. I finally got electricity restored to the house, just in time for a cold front and freezing temps. A load of laundry was done. I cleaned some floors and made the bed. Lunches are packed. I had to go shopping because everything in the fridge and freezers were gone. It’s been one helluva day.

It was good to hear her voice and finally get some answers as to what the fuck happened. If I were to take a poll, half the people would say to believe her, half would say she’s lying. I’m more inclined to believe her. Why spend hours on cleaning the garage five days before if you’re going to torch the place?

The pharmaceutical companies are evil monsters. They make drugs like Xanax and Prozac (the brand names) that fuck with your head. Not everyone has the same reaction, and over time, and with some abuse, it will make the most sane people do the most fucked up things. That’s what this is looking like. When everyone says, “she started acting differently around so and so time,” that is a key indicator.

More on this tomorrow. I’m fucking exhausted. Time for my brains to leak onto my pillows.


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