Some of the new shows and movies that have been coming out have been complete garbage. While a lot of people might think a show/movie is bad, I usually can still find some entertainment in them. It is rare for me to stop watching a movie because I find it so horrifically bad. Usually, I watch movies because I’m at least a little interested in it. Since I’m usually halfway interested in them, I can make my way through them. I might have to multitask in order to watch it, but I’ll make it.

One of the shows I like is Loki on Disney+. While Disney likes to throw DEI in there, I can look past some of the obvious “propaganda” (as some people would call it). I liked the idea of characters being variants of themselves because they did something outside of what is supposed to happen in “the sacred timeline.” Hell, I like to do things that people don’t think I’ll do, or is outside of my behavioral norms. In that regards, I consider myself a variant.

Yes, I have fucked myself over with some of my decisions, but I wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t done that. Everything would be different. I wouldn’t have (in no particular order of importance) my children, my business, my girlfriend, etc. My life wouldn’t be the same. Some could argue that my life would be better if I didn’t make those mistakes. I could easily argue that my life would be worse. See, I love my family. I think my family is perfect, regardless of all of our individual flaws. Do I wish my son didn’t have cerebral palsy and all of the complications of his genetic disorder? Sure, but he wouldn’t be him. Do I wish I could fix it? Of course! No parent wants to see their children suffer with a disability, but I can’t actually fix it.

I look at every hardship as both a blessing and a curse. Bad things have led to better things. Hardships have helped me be a better person. Some people cannot get past trauma. Some people use it as a crutch and carry it with them their entire fucking life. It’s easy to do. It’s easier to blame past circumstances and play the perfect little victim; I cannot do that. I have to push on and be a better person. It’s not for me, but for my family.

I don’t mind being a variant (if I am one). I have a beautiful and loving girlfriend (future wife), and two awesome children. There might be infinite universes with infinite possibilities, but I like mine, and I wouldn’t change it for the world or the recipe for concentrated dark matter.


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