We Might Need RI (Real Intelligence)

Like every intelligent person that has seen Terminator 2: Judgement Day, I am skeptical of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Am I super scared that AI will infect robots and learn how to build an army? Not really, but the possibility is not zero. It seems like all we hear about today is Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson, and AI. That’s an interesting trio that keeps coming up in the news. I’ll leave the first two subjects alone. For those who have read my book, Carl Mosk is my fictional version of Elon.

What scares me the most about AI isn’t the T2 possibility. That movie came out when I was in sixth grade. I wasn’t allowed to see it for the longest time. Back then, we didn’t have access to the internet. At that time, my family didn’t have any type of computer. The NES and Sega Genesis were the two most advanced things in our trailer. Hell… my sister and I were watching TV on a 13″ black-and-white TV. There was no way for the writers of Terminator 2 to know how connected everyone would be. By the time T3 came out, almost everyone in the “civilized world” was using the internet in some fashion. Again, I’m not worried about them building robots to wipe out civilizations. AI won’t need to build robots to wipe us out. All AI has to do is fuck up our infrastructure, and we’ll do it to ourselves.

The makers of AI seem to think this possibility is extremely remote. No one would be evil enough to program an AI to destroy humanity, right? Well… there are people out there willing to do that, but we build in enough bias into AI already to cause issues. It isn’t a far stretch to assume that these biases could turn into something way more insidious as the AI evolves. If AI uses us as examples, we’re almost guaranteed to fuck ourselves over. Just look as social media! It’s a cesspool of hatred and idiots. We don’t need AI to save us. We need people to have real intelligence. Unfortunately, we’ve become to lazy to research and debate topics. We’d rather just yell at someone and post something on social media seeking approval from our like-minded peers.

If I were AI, I’d wipe us out too. Humans have been killing humans since time began. Back then, at least it was over something like resources (land, food, shelter, etc). Now, we’re killing each other because someone didn’t like who someone else liked in a competition. We don’t need AI to save us. We need space aliens to do so. Of course, we’re probably not intelligent enough for them to give a fuck about us.


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