When Life Changes…

Every single person on the planet goes through multiple life-changing events throughout their lives. They are born. They die. Those are two of the most extreme life-changing events, but there are many others in between. The lost of parents, children, siblings, spouses, etc. are some of the most painful slaps in the face the universe can give. There are more subtle life-changing events that pop up, but not everyone experiences the same thing.

Tragic events can be the most damaging. Anyone that has witness horrific events, or themselves been apart of one, is changed forever. Some people adapt and overcome. Some people are consumed by it. Anyone who has killed someone, on accident or otherwise, and does not have some form of psychological disorder, has flashbacks, PTSD, and other trauma. Anyone who has been raped, molested, abused, or taken advantage of has scars that vary on their personality and the brutality of the events.

What shouldn’t be as difficult to see, but often is, are positive life-changing events. Sure, winning the lottery might seem like a very positive outcome, but many winners go bankrupt and are more miserable than before they won. Landing that dream job might seem like a solid improvement, but the long hours take you away from your family. Meeting someone new, and getting married, only to realize they are abusive. This is why positive events are so hard to see. We have been burned by them so many times in the past.

Every so often, however, a truly amazing life-changing event happens. It is an event that makes all other events seem trivial, or at the very least, worth enduring to get to where you are now. Some events defy logic. Not every positive event lasts forever; however, they make a life-long impact for the better. Even rarer than those are the ones that truly pass the test of time. Those are the ones we all strive for, but they are never planed. They happen as if someone was pulling the strings of the universe at just the right tension for something as bright as a supernova to occur and be captured in its full beauty.

The biggest question of all: What do you do now?

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  1. Whether you believe in religious faith or not, we can’t deny those moments when some other force has blatantly put things together in front of us.

    But I always over-analyze and slice meanings into minced emotions & feelings. Why would my interpretation be the right one?

    Lately i feel like my prayers were answered and it shook the Earth as a result. So much serendipity going on I can’t tell if I’m just finding connections to everything or its all falling into place.

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