A Bunch of Half-Assers

For a very long time, I’ve noticed people in the first-world nations have turned into a bunch of lazy people just half-assing their way through life. We’ve become complacent. Growing up, we were taught the US was the best country in the world. For the most part, I still think that’s true, but it isn’t saying much. The entire world has gone down the shitter. We used to have the best jobs, and because of that, the best economy. Our education system was only outshined by Japan, but that seemed to be a cultural difference. My thoughts about the future were hopeful despite growing up in a small town/city where a high percentage of the people lived below the national poverty level.

Now, the place still has a large percentage of the population under the poverty level, but drugs and crime have skyrocketed (like much of the nation). This town used to have a lot of factory workers. While they didn’t make tons of cash, the pay was good and the retirement was great. Many of those companies have left or shut down. There are still a good bit of factory jobs, but the pay has stagnated, and the benefits and retirement have gone way down hill. Now, they can’t keep jobs filled because people just do not want to work. People might call bullshit on that, but I’ve talked to many HR people, and most of the people hired don’t even bother showing up for their first day at work. They go through all of the trouble of interviewing just to ghost the job. If they do show up, very few last more than a couple of weeks. People would rather just sit at home and not work, drinking their alcohol or smoking their meth.

It seems like this isn’t just a localized issue. It appears to be happening all over. Even when people stay, they seem to work harder to get out of working than the actual job requires work. I, on the other hand, own my own company and work my ass off just to make a decent living. I’ve owned my own businesses off and off for the last 25 years. Finding people is hard when we’re walking a tight rope just to pay bills. People either want way too much money for the work they’re doing (they feel entitled to more even though they might not deserve it) or they want to pick their own schedule and not work the required hours that were posted in the job description.

With generations being groomed like this, their self worth boosted to narcissistic entitlement levels, it’s no wonder this attitude has permeated into every facet of the workforce, including the government. We’re taught that our feelings matter more than reality no matter how absurd they might be. You want to identify as a tree/raccoon hybrid? If that’s how you feel, then that is your truth, and you can force that truth on everyone else and make them comply. It’s like the evil version of the Spanish Inquisition… wait, they are both evil. I mean, it’s like the evil version of a Christian missionary trip to teach about the love of Jesus to people of a different religion who don’t care. Christians aren’t inherently bad. I just don’t like people trying to force their views on others.

Okay, I need to get out of that rabbit hole and back to my point. I read an article today on the news website, Zerohedge, and I just thought about how far we’ve fallen. It was 23 years ago when 9/11 happened and the US went to war in Afghanistan. I remember hearing about people on horseback attacking tanks. I thought about how ridiculous that was to me. We didn’t even have a decisive victory. We just half-assed it. We got 90% there, and then just put it in neutral and coasted until Biden pulled out and left billions of dollars worth of military equipment for “our enemy” to use. Now? Now, people in the same part of the world (different country) are shooting down drones and using drones to attack ships out at sea.

Spare me the “Biden was just sticking to Trump’s timetable” bullshit. He’s the fucking “Commander-in-Chief” for shit’s sake! He can change the timetable if he wants to. What the fuck did they think would happen if we left all that shit there? They’re going to use what they can and sell the rest! Duh! If these people went on the TV show “Are You Smarter Than a 5th grader,” they’d lose! Now, the story mentioned above shows a drone in nearly mint condition just resting on the sand. Did they shoot it down or disable it, or did the people manufacturing it do a half-assed job and it just glided out of the sky? Who knows. Our complacency and arrogance has bit us in the ass. We’re giving away billions of dollars to foreign countries and foreign people living illegally in this country, and we wonder why our economy is shit. It seems like every first-world country is playing a game of virtue signaling at the expense of their own citizens who pay the fucking taxes.

How do we expect to keep our freedom and lifestyle when we’ve gotten so damned lazy? The people on the other side who want to destroy us have much stricter laws and much stronger work ethics. If you don’t they just kill you or let you starve to death (the cheaper option). They also don’t give a shit if we die by our own inactions or they cut our throats. Oddly enough, a bunch of our own citizens are protesting and championing the people who would rather kill them than let them think they are a tree/raccoon hybrid. The sad part is they are too dumb to even realize it. These “protesters for peace and justice” use violence to praise the people who want to kill them. It’s insane!

The world is spiraling down a toilet. Just as those coins going down a funnel at a science museum, our world is going faster and faster down the tubes. Science is no longer science, men are no longer men, women are no longer women, and peace is no longer peace. The definitions of words have changed so drastically, that the institutions have become frauds, or even worse, become false gods. Masks don’t work became masks have always worked, and even though all previous studies and logical thought say otherwise, they were wrong because we said we’re right. Fuck off! Just because you want the lottery ticket in your hand to be the winner doesn’t make it so. You can want and wish all you want, but reality doesn’t care. The universe doesn’t give a shit about you and neither do the leaders telling you what you should think.

Do you know why socialism has never worked (and will never work)? It’s because it has always been run by people. Those people are out for themselves. They will spout off all the pretty words and string together sentences that seemed to have been woven from rainbows out of a unicorn’s ass, but humans are humans, and we are all flawed. Only people who seek power attempt to gain power. People who actually give a shit about humanity don’t want to control other humans. Those who want fairness don’t try to claw their way into a position of power.

In the end, complacency and/or brutality end civilizations and/or governments. Complacency leads to power vacuums that are filled by people seeking power. Brutality eventually leads to people getting fed up and overthrowing those in power with the same brutality the leaders once ruled with. People have become too self absorbed to see how the dominos are falling. Some people get it, but these people are outnumbered by the lazy fucktards who just want someone to give them their next meals, preferably for free. They just don’t understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch. The price for that meal is their freedom, and they won’t see it until it is too late.

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