Category: Just Bitching

  • Fuck Everyone and the Horse They Road in on.

    Do you know what I’m tired of? I’m tired of hearing everyone’s self-righteous advice that is based on a tiny sliver of actual fact and filled in with assumptions and bullshit. For example, I’m being told by people who are in miserable relationships who I should and should not date. Go fuck yourself! Your life […]

  • Dexter: Dumb Blood

    The girlfriend and I were watching Dexter: New Blood. Yes, we’re a year past when it aired, I think, but we still wanted to watch it. We loved watching the original Dexter (even before we knew each other). This new version was a little odd for me. Some things I liked while other things completely […]

  • From One Extreme to the Other

    I’ve gone from the wife essentially ignoring me for the past two years to her not leaving me the fuck alone! I completely misjudged her reaction to me telling her I wanted a divorce. I really thought she was going to walk off the cliff into total self destruction. Instead, she walked off the ledge […]

  • Shit Just Got Blowed Up

    One problem with dealing with an addict, especially one that is in the end stages of that addiction, they are as irrational as a two-year-old kid that is sleep deprived. Every little thing is some catastrophe caused by other people. It’s always my fault. It’s my fault she drinks too much. It’s my fault she […]

  • Oblivious

    How do people go through life being so completely oblivious to everyday things? I hear water running in the upstairs bathroom from the kitchen. “I hear water running.” I get a reply of, “I turned everything off.” “Is the toilet still running?” “Uh… I don’t know.” Of course, the toilet was running. Update: 15 minutes […]

  • Fair Share Oblivious

    The more and more I look around the house, the more shit I see of things people used but were too lazy to put back up. The sweeper died after 10 minutes? Well, it’s not designed to sweep the entire house, just a room and charge it. Where is that sweeper at? Leaning against the […]

  • The Good, the Bad, and the WTF?

    Today started off with a mixed bag. My dreams were frustratingly annoying. I dreamt that I was messaging and talking to someone very special. That was great, but I was trying to find this person. Every time I think I’m close, something fucks it up. Oh, I have to put in badge access systems for […]

  • Silently Fuming

    I can’t. I can’t find the words to articulate your donkey-fucking pissed I am right now. This might be a long one. I woke up at 4:30AM this morning the the sound of breaking glass. I jump out of bed, grab the gun, and do a sweep of the house. The cat had pulled on […]

  • Calmly Fuming…

    I’ve stated before that there are selfish people and selfless people. It’s pretty easy to spot the differences when you’re looking. I’ll give an example most people will understand before getting into the details. Sex is supposed to be fun, correct? We’re talking about consensual shit here. Nothing in life is 100% except death. I’d […]

  • Holding My Intestines In…

    The more days that pass after finding my hernia, the more annoying it becomes. I’m trying to be smart. I do not want to push myself and cause an emergency or a greater issue. I’m not fucking with my life. I’ll cut splinters out with a knife. I’ll climb up on ladders higher than I […]