Dexter: Dumb Blood

The girlfriend and I were watching Dexter: New Blood. Yes, we’re a year past when it aired, I think, but we still wanted to watch it. We loved watching the original Dexter (even before we knew each other). This new version was a little odd for me. Some things I liked while other things completely annoyed me. Granted, the original series ended on such a shitty note, I think it is one of the worst series finales I can remember. How could they do any worse?

These guys said, ”hold my beer.” I might ruin it for others, but I wish I had never seen this series after watching this finale. I was sitting there in disbelief. Are you fucking kidding me? What the fuck?! I mean the first rule of the code was to not get caught. At least that’s what Dexter told Harrison. So what does Dexter do? He keeps a serialized surgical screw in his house. The old Dexter wouldn’t do that. Sure, he kept slides of his ”victims” as trophies, but if a fire broke out, it would destroy any DNA evidence. What happens here? A fire breaks out in his cabin and leaves a titanium pin to be found.

I find many flaws with the show here. First, a few characters say titanium doesn’t melt. That’s bullshit right there. How else do they get titanium to become a specified form, whether as a final form or a block to ”sculpt?” Granted, the method Dexter used to dispose of the body would not have been hot enough to melt the titanium pins. Secondly, Dexter would not have kept the screw he was sent/given in his cabin. He would have gotten rid of it. Try to find a titanium screw in the middle of a forest or lake. Pa-lease! For argument’s sake, let’s just say Dexter would have kept the screw in his cabin, and the house burnt down. The old Dexter would have given reason after reason as to why he didn’t want anyone to sift through his shit. He would have somehow gotten everyone to leave and sifted through the ash until he found it.

Let’s say that he was too preoccupied by his son to understand any of this because he was distracted. Uh, nope. I don’t think so. People who have sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies are insanely focused. Maybe Dexter was so arrogant he didn’t think he’d get caught. I don’t think so. He just got done telling Harrison the number one rule of the code was to not get caught.

Then, he’s sitting in jail. He had all kinds of plausible deniability. It would have been damn near impossible for him to be convicted, in my opinion, even as the ”Bay Harbor Butcher.” Instead, he kills a cop, whether intentional or not, to get out of the jail cell to see his son. Seriously? He had really been in more difficult situations than that. Shit, OJ got away with it; surely, Dexter could have as well…. especially after giving his (sort of ex) girlfriend the biggest find of her career and the most important breakthrough in all of the cases she has dedicated her life to. He had the biggest ace up his sleeve.

And the ending? Fuck that! It was the cheap way out. It was lazy and bullshit. They said, ”we fucked the original one and got a ‘sequel.’ Let’s fuck it up even more!” It was a complete waste of my time. There were some signs of old Dexter, but it seemed like a lazy adaptation where they wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be any more questions like after the first series. Such a waste.

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