Fair Share Oblivious

The more and more I look around the house, the more shit I see of things people used but were too lazy to put back up. The sweeper died after 10 minutes? Well, it’s not designed to sweep the entire house, just a room and charge it. Where is that sweeper at? Leaning against the wall, uncharged. “It’s junk,” she says. No, you’re trying to use it for something it isn’t meant for. You want me to pick it up and plug it in? I’m not the person who used it last. Why am I cleaning up other people’s messes? There is a glass on the table behind the couch that as been there for two weeks. Why? It was full of a sugary liquid called 7up. You don’t think the inside of that class is coated with cat hair and dust? Clean it up!

I used to be able to sit on the couch, but nope! It’s full of shit like nail files, a laptop, a pulse ox monitor, some make up, index cards, and whatever the hell else was around at the time. Why isn’t any of the mail address to certain people been opened. Some of them are bills, ya know? Why are dishes piled up? Oh, you’re on a dishes strike because you cook and no one cleans up? You cooked once last week. Oh, most of those dishes aren’t yours? Should I stop doing laundry because most of the clothes aren’t mine?

The logic some people use is baffling! For a family unit to be functional and productive, everyone has to share the load. Some people like doing dishes but hate doing the laundry. This is where compromise comes into play, but you can’t go on dishes strike if dishes is your job. You want pets? Feed and water them! Don’t whine and complain about it. If this were the 1930s, we’d have shot and ate the damn cat because of a lack of food.

People have forgotten what real struggle is. We all have had some from of struggle in our lives, but most of us forget what it was like when we had to scrape by to feed ourselves, or we had to choose between eating a meal and putting gas in our car. I have not had to personally experience that, but I was damn close to it. We get comfortable, sitting on the couch and watching endless hours of reality TV that makes me want to puke or nuke the world just so we don’t have to be embarrassed when an alien species finally shows themselves after watching us for decades.

Back in the pilgrim days, if you didn’t work, you didn’t eat. Now, they call children’s services or the sheriff on you. I used to keep this house spotless after the divorce. I swept, mopped, did dishes every night, etc. I put up everything once I was done with it. If it I didn’t, I’d get pissed at myself. Now, I haven’t had the time to do it. Work is busier than ever, I’m running kids to 3,000 different sports, and every single mother fucker wants a piece of my time. This house is fucking disgusting, but it’s illegal to burn down your own house, even if you do not collect insurance on it. I cannot stand living here anymore. There are some people out there that know exactly what I’m talking about. If it isn’t the mess, it’s the shitty attitudes people have about being asked to clean up their own mess or help take care of something they wanted.

I have gone on a little bit of a tirade, but I needed to get that out. I took a mental health day, and I needed to clear the air before I took a bunch of shit and lit it on fire. I still might do that, but I have a couple of things to attend to first. Btw, I hate the term “fair share.” I loathe it. It’s used by people who don’t do their fair share bitching to people who do more than their fair share that other people (who are just like these people preaching) aren’t doing their fair share AKA “fair share oblivious.” Faith isn’t preached by words, it’s preached by example. A family that isn’t together in maintaining the household is not a family at all.

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