All Three In One

It was a busy weekend for me as far as the books are concerned.  Some changes were made to The Amanai Resistance for the second edition.  There were some inconsistencies in how I wrote certain things.  I cannot believe no one caught them.  Oh well, they are fixed now.

The Amanai Deception is a third of the way through final editing.  It is taking much longer than I would like, but truth be told, I have not had much time to actually make the fixes.  As anxious as I am for this, I do not seem to put for the necessary effort to get through it.

The Amanai Resolution is now written through chapter eight.  I am making some changes to the later chapters than what I originally thought, but I think it will be for the better.  I am sure a few people will not like the twists and turns, but nothing in life is 100% super for everyone.

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