Busy-ass Weekend

It has been one busy weekend.  I am sore as hell, but it will be nothing compared to tomorrow.  Literally a day before winter hit, the basement flooded because of the French drains at the footers.  It was a blessing in disguise in more than one way.  Firstly, it showed we had a major water leak in our line.  Without the flood, we would have had a $4,000 water bill.  That one was because I put a hole in the drain running pipe to the pool heater.  I spent the weekend digging up 100 feet of drain pipe.  The last 20 feet were some cheap-ass pipe that had a few holes in it.  The drain was also 20 feet from the end of the hill.  Despite 2 days of digging, replacing pipe, and getting completely covered in mud, I still had time to write chapter 12.


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