A Rare Poem

I do not usually write poems.  This poem is about a couple that hasn’t been together very long, but they are dealing with the seriousness of past dramatic events.  This deals with a certain topic, but the point of this poem is that when one person struggles, the other is there to help the other one through it, no matter the topic or issue.  The first five stanzas are from the perspective of one person while the last five are from their partner.  This poem is called Life: You and Me

Life: You are so unfair that I cannot even describe.
You have taken so much good from me, but I take it in stride.
Instead of leaving me alone, you fill the void with dread.
I am so broken, I do not want to even get out of bed.

No one prepares you for losing a child.
It takes its toll like being unprepared in the wild.
It does not matter if they are unborn or old.
It is still a kick in the guts, and just makes me fold.

Even if I deserved this, my child did not.
For how could you fuck them over on their lot?
The pain is unbearable, no matter how much time has passed.
I don’t know why I get to live with all of my sins amassed.

I am ugly and dead inside because I could not prevent it.
All the good that has been, it has been ruined by shit.
Even though I so badly want to be able to move on and to just say fuck it!
My guilt keeps me bound and tied to this shithole bucket.

I do not want your pity or your remorse.
All I want to do is stay the course.
I am broken and can never be fixed.
This is my lot in life that can never be nixed.

Babe, I see you here in your agony and pain.
But I do not come into this relationship in vain.
No matter how much I want to, I cannot change the past.
Nor can I wipe out all of the sins you have amassed.

I cannot fix you, nor would I try.
To give you peace, I would lay down and die.
But I know that isn’t possible either way,
So I will be supportive and stay.

I have lost a child, but not in the same manner.
I am willing to stand next to you and help hold your banner.
I know it hurts, far more than I can imagine.
Like a ruthless, brutal, fucking moral assassin.

Life is unfair, but it has brought us together.
Perhaps, to lighten your burden to the weight of a feather.
That is ambitious and probably not the case,
But whatever life brings, I will keep pace.

For you might think yourself ugly, but I know something you don’t.
For I am willing to admit it, even if you won’t.
You are crazy beautiful, and love you, I do.
I am willing to take this crazy ride, sitting right next to you.


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