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  • My Soul Aches

    It’s hard to look at the good things in life when the negative seem so overwhelming. I’m trying to think of positive outcomes in a mountain of horse shit. I’m thinking about how it’s possible for repeat offenders and violent criminals to just get let out, but a single mistake in a reaction can damn […]

  • Absolutely Gutted

    I can’t go into much detail right now, but I am absolutely gutted. I can’t eat. Sleep has been rare. The only motivation I have is to right a wrong. It wasn’t even my wrong. It’s a wrong done because people have their little cliques and like to power trip. I failed to get anywhere […]

  • An Emotional Day

    Today was an emotional day, but I cannot go into the details as of yet. An emotional day does not have to be all negative. Yes, a lot about today was negative, but there were some epically bright positives as well. When all is said and done, the day ended on a positive note compared […]

  • A Rare Poem

    I do not usually write poems.  This poem is about a couple that hasn’t been together very long, but they are dealing with the seriousness of past dramatic events.  This deals with a certain topic, but the point of this poem is that when one person struggles, the other is there to help the other […]