An Emotional Day

Today was an emotional day, but I cannot go into the details as of yet. An emotional day does not have to be all negative. Yes, a lot about today was negative, but there were some epically bright positives as well. When all is said and done, the day ended on a positive note compared to the monstrously negative note it started on. To be honest, the note it started on was no fault but my own. Like an ogre, there are layers on this onion. Let’s just say, I had the power to prevent it, but I was too blind to do so.

Having said that, there are also positives to this emotional day. Emotions can run both positive and negative. While the beginning of the day was mostly negative, like the clouds and rain that poured on the roads this morning, the latter part of the day was filled with a cataclysmic flow of positive emotions. How can this be? How can a day turn from a complete shit show to a glorious choreography of positively charged emotions like the ending of Ghostbusters 2? Answer: One person.

One person is all it takes to turn a complete fuck show into a beauty pageant. One person is all it takes to bring you back from a point of disaster. On the opposite end, one person can sink you into an abyss of fuckedness. The choice we all have to make is which one do we choose? Do we choose what is familiar, or do we take a chance? Do we do what is safe, or do we go out on a limb?

Is it the tortoise or the hare? In my opinion, they are both idiots. While the hare is fast, but took a nap, the tortoise was slow and methodical. Sometimes, just sometimes, we need to think outside of the box and just buy the fucking turbo-spooled rocket shoes that will get us to the finish line just a little faster than that stupid-ass hare that took a nap and could have done so after the race but was too fucking arrogant to wait, and we all hate him for that, but we don’t say anything out of politeness.

Safe gets us nowhere. Last place. Arrogance gets us nowhere. No one wants an arrogant fucktard. No one wants someone so safe they finish last. Fuck that! Go out on a limb! Do something that makes you happy! … even if it seems uncomfortable. One person is all it takes. One person can change the world, at least mine.

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  1. This entry reminds me of a few mantras that hit very close to home. Here are a few cherry-picked favorites of mine:

    Reminds me of Dead Poets Society; Carpe Diem. (Latin for Seize the Day) Robin Williams

    “Falling Away With You” -Muse, see lyrics (i tattooed one line on my ribs)

    Robert Frost “The Road Less Traveled” poem about going against the grain and doing what feels right to you, no matter how uncomfortable.

    Movie, Song, Poem. All with a message- go for it. It is an uncomfortable feeling initially. Freedom is on the other side. We imprison ourselves with familiarity. Let go, be free- think for yourself.

    At the very least enjoy the ride.

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