Month: September 2014

  • Playing With Fire

    I have been told more than a few times in my life that I am playing with fire.  It is never in the same arena as the last, but that is not the point.  Why is it exciting to do something that might be considered wrong?  Why does it intrigue me to walk so close […]

  • WTF? Dreams

    Have you ever woken up from a dream and just asked yourself, WTF?  I had one of those last night.  This dream could have  been two separate dreams.  I am not sure.  I had trouble getting to sleep (unusual as of late), and I woke up a dozen times through the night.  I do not […]

  • Been a Long Weekend

    Is it a bad thing when you look forward to going back to work?  I guess that depends on your work.  It was a very busy weekend, none-the-less.  Trying to expand the barn, the wife and I successfully put two twenty foot 6×6 posts in the ground.  It isn’t perfect, but it will work.  Another […]

  • Sleep – A Conundrum

    I never really liked sleeping.  As a kid, it just seemed to get in the way of fun things like watching TV or playing games.  Even as an adult, I really do not like sleeping.  I feel lazy and worthless just laying there sleeping.  If I didn’t get tired or have to sleep, I wouldn’t.  […]

  • Best Laid Plans

    I am caught  in a conundrum.  If I fail to plan things out, whatever I am doing turns into a big cluster.  Putting together my youngest’s 3DS XL after ordering a new button.  I start getting everything in only to realize I put the ribbons from the screen in the wrong order.  I had to […]

  • On a Brighter Note

    So my last few days of posts have been rather melancholy.  I hate that word, but I will use it anyways.  My sleep schedule has sucked for well over a month.  I used to have problems falling asleep, but now, I’m asleep pretty quickly.  My issue now?  I wake up between 3:00AM and 4:00AM every […]

  • The Differences of Pain

    I do not mind if people see me physically in pain.  I’ll limp on a broken foot.  That does not mean I get the broken foot fixed (unless it is really bad) or use it as sympathy.  Emotional pain?  I refuse to let people see me in emotional pain.  Emotional pain is much more difficult to fix.  Don’t […]

  • Admitting to One’s Self

    It is easy for me to admit to myself when I do a good job.  I’ll try to play it off as a humble man, downplaying the significance or quality, but secretly, I will admit to myself it is good.  I will even admit to myself and others when I have done poorly or royally hosed […]

  • Other Disasters

    All disasters, big or small, have an impact financially.  If your car gets totaled because of a not-at-fault accident, you will not get what you think you should to replace it.  Going from a car that is almost paid off to another loan of $20,000 is a big impact.  The same amount might still come […]

  • ARG!

    You ever have the feeling that you just can’t take one more added stress?  I am about to that point.  Even the small things, while they don’t seem to bother me, I know cause unseen stress.  I am so far behind on work around the house and at work, I’ll never catch up without spending […]