90% is Easy… Last 10% is Hard

I do not know why finishing tasks is so difficult.  It’s like the first 90% is super easy and just flows together, but that last 10% kicks me in the ass.  “The Amanai Deception” is written.  First round of editing is done.  I just have to fix the pieces, reread, and fix the last remaining items.  Why is that so difficult for me to complete?  I mean, I easily wrote 61,000+ words, but fixing a few hundred seems like I’m trying to shave a dog by plucking one hair at a time with tweezers.  I’m not, and I know it, but it is painful.  Maybe if it rains this weekend, I’ll get it done.  I’m sure if I had the ultimatum of a paper clip down the ole cock-hole or finishing the book, the choice would be easy.  Finishing the book or drinking beer while operating an excavator?  That choice is easy too, but it isn’t the book.

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