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  • … on Life Sucking, but…

    Having a father as a social worker is a blessing and a curse. I do not recall how often, but after school, he’d ask how my day was. There were good days and bad days. The fucking snowflakes of today are pussies compared to growing up in the 80s/90s. There’d be times where I’d come […]

  • … on Finding Love, Peace, and Happiness

    When finding love, you can’t look for it; you cannot seek it like it’s a job. Sure, you can post a ”love” post like it’s a job post. Shit, I’ve done that before. I’ve answered those ads before. Whether it was Zoosk, Match, Farmer’s Only, or even Tinder, it’s all smoke and mirrors. It’s like […]

  • When You Love Someone…

    People will debate what constitutes as love until the end of humanity. In the end, it is an individual perception of what you think love is versus what someone else does. If two people don’t agree on the definition of love, the relationship is doomed to fail. I might have some expertise in this area […]

  • The Dark Passenger

    In keeping with the Dexter theme from the last one, I decided to not be so negative. I’ve been kind of negative as of late. I mean, there’s been a lot that has happened recently that was kind of negative, so I guess it only stands to reason why I might have a less-than-sunny string […]

  • Dexter: Dumb Blood

    The girlfriend and I were watching Dexter: New Blood. Yes, we’re a year past when it aired, I think, but we still wanted to watch it. We loved watching the original Dexter (even before we knew each other). This new version was a little odd for me. Some things I liked while other things completely […]

  • The Pause Button

    There is a pause button on our remotes for a reason. Sometimes, we just can’t handle what is happening or life throws something that hits us right in the face that we can’t pay attention to what’s on the screen. Life doesn’t have the same type of pause button, but sometimes, we just need to […]

  • Tonight, My Soul is Broken

    Tonight, I watched my love fall apart, and in a violent type of way. It wasn’t violence towards me, but self destructive to herself. We have had arguments in the past, but we always were able to talk through them. Tonight was radically different. I was sober and calm. She seemed unhinged. I know she […]

  • When is Broken too Broken?

    This is an honest question. Everyone my age is broken in some manner. It could be childhood trauma, a nasty relationship, a recent illness, or anything under the sun. We are all damaged. Every single person in this world has some form of trauma or damage. The question becomes when do we quit or when […]

  • This Past Month

    This past month has been a collection of highs and lows. It has been difficult, at times, to keep my anxiety in check. Sometimes, I’m even get to my breaking point. The only thing that has kept me in check is the person that I love. She has caused some anxiety (I cannot lie), but […]

  • Why Is It Anyone’s Fault

    Things happen all the time. I get blamed for feeling a feeling I’m not feeling. I get blamed for thinking something I’m not thinking. People like to say they are open minded, but I get lumped into the same arena as sociopaths and abusers even though I am not thinking of anything like them. I […]